2 AFC Offenses that should decline

As I posted a blog on the 4th of July about the 5 AFC Offenses that should improve, I decided to post another blog but on a different topic. I decided to type about the 2 AFC offenses that should decline for various reasons like personnel loses or injuries. Now because I did a post about the 5 AFC offenses that should improve, I decided to do only 2 AFC offenses on this post. The following 2 AFC offenses are not in any particular order:

Photo Credit: nj.com

Photo Credit: nj.com

New York Jets – Now the reason I picked this team isn’t only because of Sanchez but the whole offense itself. First let’s talk about the obvious reason which is Mark Sanchez. People tend to forget how horrible Sanchez is throughout his career before the butt fumble season. According to NFL.com, Sanchez never reached above 57 completion percentage in any season in his career. Also his season high in passing TDs is 26 and season low in INTs is 13. So in other words he has been borderline average. The following chart is from Pro Football Reference and it shows Sanchez in a group that he probably doesn’t want to be in.

Photo Credit: Pro Football Reference

Photo Credit: Pro Football Reference

Could Sanchez improve? Yes but he hasn’t shown to be a franchise QB. During Sanchez’s 2 playoff seasons, he actually was horrible. In 2009 when the Jets went to the AFC championship, the pass offense of the Jets was 31st in the league. Now how can a team that has a no threat pass offense make it to the playoffs and actually reach the AFC championship? Well the Jets had a lot of help in the run game. The Jets run game was 1st in the regular season and 4th in the postseason which shows that Sanchez had a lot of help. Also it helps that Sanchez had a dominate defense which ranked #1 and gave up the least number of yards in the regular season. Also the Jets were #5 in the postseason in terms of # yards per game. Overall Sanchez can hide his mistakes with a powerful run game and a powerful defense which shows that Sanchez is not a good QB. In addition to Mark Sanchez being a reason that the Jets offense will decline is the lack of run game. Now it is too early to tell that the Jets will have a deficiency in the run game but they did lose their number 1 rusher last season in free agency. Without their number 1 rusher, then their run game will take a fall and we all know how horrible Sanchez is without an effective run game. Overall Sanchez needs effective supporting cast to succeed in the NFL. Well ok maybe the reasons were about Mark Sanchez.

Photo Credit: espn.go.com

Photo Credit: espn.go.com

Oakland Raiders – Yes I understand that the Raiders got Matt Flynn but there’s a reason why he lost his starting job to Russell Wilson. I don’t expect Flynn to become amazing with the lack of weapons and run game which ranked 2nd to last in the AFC. Raiders RB Darren McFadden has only reached 1,000+ rushing yards once in his 5 year career and has not started a full season in his career as well. Too make it worse, McFadden had his career worse 3.3 yards per rush but then again the Raiders run block was horrible. Also expectations are going to be unreal for the Flynn who right now doesn’t need any added pressure after an embarrassing situation in Seattle who lost his starting job to a rookie. Also the Raiders lost two valuable receivers, Brandon Myers and Darrius Heyward-Bey, who racked up 1,400+ yards and 9 TDs together. They were probably the best in a talent-less roster and the Raiders lost them in free agency. Also Flynn has been scrutinize by his deep ball and many analysts have said that he doesn’t have much arm power which many of the receivers in the Raiders roster thrive. The Raiders O-line doesn’t help either and might be the cancer in the offense if Flynn doesn’t have enough time to throw. In a division where it will be easy for the opposing offense to score on the Raiders defense, Flynn might need to throw more and throw deeper as the season continues. Overall the Raiders offense has been destroyed and really are looking for a miracle in Matt Flynn. Also it doesn’t help that the Oakland Raiders were tied for 8th in 40-yard passing plays last season so it seems that the Raiders offense is mixed in with long passing plays.


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One response to “2 AFC Offenses that should decline”

  1. marylandbroadcaster says :

    As with the previous article, very well written and researched. I would agree with both of these teams, as they have the overwhelming potential to be bottom 5 offenses, but I would also add the Broncos, as age and improvements within their division can only mean certain decline, even slightly. Still, well done and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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