Is Raiders QB Matt Flynn the worst starting QB?


The photo show Oakland Raiders QB Matt Flynn. (Photo Credit:

Now before any Oakland Raiders fans start getting mad, this assumption was made by ESPN Ron Jaworski. Now how can Jaworski name Flynn the worst starting QB in the NFL without Flynn playing an actual season? Well it’s simple. Even though when Flynn was with the Packers and had a historic game, Flynn actually has flaws that the Packers offense covered up. The main flaw that Flynn has is arm strength where the offense of the Packers really covered it up. Now is arm strength the most important thing in an NFL QB? Well look at QB bust JaMarcus Russell, he had a lot of arm strength but didn’t have the motivation to use his talent to become a good QB.

If Flynn wants to become a good QB and put up stats where he can be in the top 10 well he needs to first beat out rookie Tyler Wilson. If Flynn loses the starting job to another rookie, well I don’t think he will have another shot in getting a starting job. This something he must overcome if he wants to become successful. Also it doesn’t help that Flynn is in a bad offense where he doesn’t really have a number 1 WR and a injury prone RB. 

I’m pretty sure that Flynn will get out of the #32 spot if he puts up average stats during the season. However I won’t expect, as of right now, for Flynn to have a breakout year with a bad offense. It also doesn’t help that Flynn is making mistakes in OTA’s and minicamp. Let’s see if Jaws will budge in his ranking of Flynn during the season.


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