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Is Raiders QB Matt Flynn the worst starting QB?


The photo show Oakland Raiders QB Matt Flynn. (Photo Credit:

Now before any Oakland Raiders fans start getting mad, this assumption was made by ESPN Ron Jaworski. Now how can Jaworski name Flynn the worst starting QB in the NFL without Flynn playing an actual season? Well it’s simple. Read More…


Is Jake Locker the long-term answer for the Tennessee Titans?


Jake Locker is shown in the picture. (Photo Credit:

Now I posted a blog about Jake Locker earlier this year about the idea of running the read option and now I decided to go a little deeper about a different topic. People often forget that the Read More…

Is it Geno Time in New York?




With the 39th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the New York Jets select Geno Smith from West Virginia. After Geno Smith was drafted the New York Jets had 6 quarterbacks on their roster. Matt Simms, Greg McElroy, Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, Tim Tebow, and Geno Smith. Now there are 4 quarterbacks left on the roster, Sanchez, Smith, McElroy, and Simms.

Matt Simms is most likely  not going to start, Greg McElroy has a slight chance and at the end it comes down to Smith and Sanchez. Mark Sanchez has had two bad years with the Jets after leading them to two AFC title games. Geno Smith may not be ready for the NFL but at the same time the New York Jets aren’t looking to contend and are in rebuilding mode. If they really aren’t looking to win the Jets might as well start Geno Smith and let him get used to the NFL but as of right now there are no leaders in this 4 way quarterback position battle. 

Should Mark Sanchez be starting in 2013?


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