Was Carson Palmer worth the hassel for Bengals and Raiders?


Carson Palmer fumbles the football against his former team.

With the first pick of the 2003 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals chooses Carson Palmer quarterback from USC. Those are the words that probably Cincinnati fans don’t want to remember. Having chosen Carson Palmer meant that the Bengals were serious in needing a QB. These are Carson’s stats in college during his 5 years, stats from sports-reference.com: 1998 – 7TD / 3INT / 1755PASSYDS / 55.3Completion%, 1999 – 3TD / 3INT / 490PASSYDS / 73Completion%, 2000 – 16TDS / 18INT / 2914PASSYDS / 54.9Completion%, 2001 – 13TDS / 12INT / 2567PASSYDS / 58.7Completion%, and 2002 (breakout year and bowl game stats are included) – 33TDS / 10INT / 3942PASSYDS / 63.2Completion%. His only great statistical year was his senior year (2002) when he took USC to a bowl game. The rest of his years in USC he produced horrible stats.

Was Carson Palmer really worth the first pick of the 2003 NFL draft? Here are some notable players from different positions that went behind Carson Palmer, notable players were taken from NFL.com: Andre Johnson (3rd pick), Terrell Suggs (10th pick), Troy Polamalu (16th pick), Dallas Clark (24th pick), Brandon Lloyd (124th pick) and Asante Samuel (120th pick). Many star players that went later in the draft have progressed much more than what Palmer has done with the Bengals and the Raiders.

With the Cincinnati Bengals, stats were taken from NFL.com, Carson Palmer put a mediocre 100TDS to a 100INT during 2003-2010 even though he did not play a single game in 2003. He also started 97 games out of a possible 128 games including the 2003 season even though he didn’t play a single game. His only good seasons were in 2005 (2nd year) and 2006 (3rd year) where he put 32TDS/12INT and 28TDS/13INT respectively. However Carson could never go beyond 32TDS/4131PASSYDS and recorded career highs of 20INT twice in his career. Also during his time with the Bengals he had 42 fumbles, which in 2006 he recorded a career high 15 fumbles! When he played a full season (16 games), Carson had always fumbled more than 5 times.

At the end of the 2010-2011 season, Carson Palmer was in the point in his career where he might retire from the NFL because the Bengals were not going to trade him. Of course that all changed when he got a phone call stated that he was going to be traded to the Oakland Raiders. What was more of a shocker is that the Oakland Raiders gave up a, information in this sentence was taken from ESPN.com, 2012 first round draft pick and a 2013 conditional second round draft pick! How could the Raiders trade two high picks for a QB that has been mediocre in his career? Well they did and Carson Palmer really didn’t progress as a QB.

During his time as a QB in Oakland, stats taken from NFL.com, Carson Palmer put up 35TDS / 30INT / 6771YDS / 9FUMBLES. Raiders probably regretted the trade because they only kept Palmer for 2012 and 2013 probably because they wanted to use him on the years they gave up their (Raiders) draft picks. Two years was enough for the Raiders to see and recently rumors have been spreading where Palmer might either be released or traded to either the Cardinals or 49ers via multiple sources.

What makes things worse is that Palmer has been leaving a mess on his former teams (Bengals and soon to be former team Raiders). However Bengals were able to recover by going to the playoffs for the past two consecutive years. It looks like the Raiders need to rebuild and try to look for a younger QB through the draft. Some NFL insiders says that the Raiders might pick up Geno Smith from West Virginia. Whether the Raiders are going to draft Geno Smith or not, it looks like the Carson Palmer trade was a huge bust for them. Giving up two high picks was not necessary for a mediocre QB in Carson Palmer.

Some NFL fans will disagree on my opinion on Carson Palmer by stating that he never had a good team around him but the fact of the matter is that Carson Palmer was a mediocre QB from the start of his NFL career. Hopefully if the Arizona Cardinals trade for Palmer that they will have better success with him. Not having a great O-line, the Arizona Cardinals need to protect Palmer due to his fumbling issue. Lets see what the future holds for Carson Palmer because it doesn’t look to bright for him.

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2 responses to “Was Carson Palmer worth the hassel for Bengals and Raiders?”

  1. marylandbroadcaster says :

    Very well written with a unique choice of topic. I’ve always thought Palmer wasn’t worth his draft status and never played any where close to his status, and I think both the Bengals and Raiders made terrible decisions in taking him, via trade or draft, considering the players who went on to have better careers.

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