Should NFL players sign a waiver to waive all rights to sue the NFL in the future?

Suing the NFL has become common in retired NFL players. Many effects of being hit repeatedly has damaged a lot of the NFL players of the past. For example memory loss has been showing up through different NFL players and the most notable NFL player is Bears QB Jim McMahon who has shown Early-Stages of Dementia. Most NFL fans would say that going through conditions like memory loss is part of the game of football and NFL players should have known of the risks of playing football.

Now a current NFL player has done something that most NFL players wouldn’t do and that is sign a waiver of any legal rights if he comes in contact with any of the risks like memory loss. That NFL player is Arian Foster a running back that is playing for the Houston Texans. He did an interview which he stated “Personally, absolutely, because I knew what I was getting into when I first had the dream of playing in the NFL,” Foster told Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco of ESPN Radio New York, via

Currently the NFL is being sued by many former NFL players which forced Commissioner Goodell to work with the competition committee to make new and safer rules. One current safer rule is that now running backs will not be allowed to lead with the crown of their helmet to defensive players if the running back is away from the tackling box.

The following picture is the reason the NFL made the running back helmet rule: Image

As you can see is that Richardson used his helmet which as of right now is not allowed because he was out of the tackling box. However I believe what made the play worse was that, Eagles safety Kurt Coleman’s helmet came off. Could have the helmet rule not be established if Coleman’s helmet never came off? Well I believe that the helmet rule wouldn’t be made if Coleman put on his helmet correctly.

Do you think should NFL players sign a waiver that they will not sue the NFL in the future? Do you agree with the helmet rule? Comment below.


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