Elvis Dumervil will choose his new team in one day


Probably the funniest ways to become a free agent, Elvis Dumervil probably thinks otherwise. One of the top free agents as of today, Dumervil needs to decide if he wants to stay with the Broncos or go to another team. One team that’s been rumored to be in full force to grab Dumervil is the defensively depleted Baltimore Ravens.

Although according to Pro Football Talk, “Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Dumervil will wait at least one more day to decide between the two teams.” Therefore it’s not going to take that long before Dumervil chooses a team.

Although there are some concern that if Dumervil is worth around $8 million which what the Broncos offered in the restructed contract. The good thing for Dumervil is that he is the youngest free agent pass rusher in the market right now so he does have an advantage to the older pass rushers like Dwight Freeney.

If the Ravens want Dumervil, I’m pretty sure they are going to have to overpay him which won’t be wise because of Joe Flacco’s monster contract. I know what most people are going to say, and is that Flacco’s contract is cap friendly but it is not cap friendly in the last three years. Therefore it restricts any long term contract with Dumervil which the Ravens probably wants because 8 of their defensive players are not with the team as of today.

Can the Broncos persuade Dumervil to stay with them or is another team, like the Ravens, going to grab Dumervil? Comment your response below.

Update 3-24-2013: Elvis Dumervil has chosen the Baltimore Ravens by agreeing on a 5-year that is worth $35 million, including $8.5 million in his first year with the Ravens via Adam Schefter. This will greatly improve the weak defense which saw 8 players leave either through retirement or free agency. Also it has been stated by Adam Schefter that the Denver Broncos will now pursue former Colts LB/DE Dwight Freeney now that Dumervil is now going to the Ravens. Now is a matter of time if the Denver Broncos will see another free agent, Dwight Freeney, get another deal with another team or if the Broncos will persuade Freeney to sign with them.

Information that I use to make this blog: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/03/23/dumervil-waiting-at-least-one-more-day-to-pick-his-next-team/

Picture Credit: http://sinfl.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/elvis-dumervil-1.jpg?w=618&h=423


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