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Was Carson Palmer worth the hassel for Bengals and Raiders?


Carson Palmer fumbles the football against his former team.

With the first pick of the 2003 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals chooses Carson Palmer quarterback from USC. Those are the words that probably Cincinnati fans don’t want to remember. Having chosen Carson Palmer meant that the Bengals were serious in needing a QB. These are Carson’s stats in college during his 5 years, stats from 1998 Read More…


Should the Jets really be in rebuilding mode?

As we all know the Jets had a terrible circus-like season last year mainly because of the poor play of Mark Sanchez. What if the team had started Tim Tebow instead and Revis and Holmes were never injured? Despite Revis’ injury the Jets still had a 7th ranked Defense in terms of yards per game. Honestly I’m not an expert on the New York Jets but they don’t have too many weaknesses. How about changing quarterbacks and getting a receiver or two and drafting a corner back in case Revis isn’t what he used to be? Maybe I’m wrong but the Jets clearly aren’t planning to win games next year. Sorry Jets fans but the Jets are planning for the future. 

This is the play that sums up the New York Jets 2012 season



Should NFL players sign a waiver to waive all rights to sue the NFL in the future?

Suing the NFL has become common in retired NFL players. Many effects of being hit repeatedly has damaged a lot of the NFL players of the past. For example memory loss has been showing up through different NFL players and the most notable NFL player is Bears Read More…

Ravens horrible offseason might have gotten worse.



It looks like that the Baltimore Ravens offseason has gone from bad to worse when they heard that they will not open the 2013-2014 NFL season with a home game. To make it all worse, according to Pro Football Talk, “The Ravens, we’re told, are bracing for a Thursday night opener at Denver, Pittsburgh, or Chicago.” Read More…

Titans QB Jake Locker running the read option?


Now I know what people are going to say and that is that why would Jake Locker run the read option. However why shouldn’t Locker run the read option? He ran a 4.59 in the 40-yard dash two years ago which was .01 slower than Cam Newton. However if a team is going to run the read-option then they must have a QB that is durable when it comes to hard hits from defensive players. According to Pro Football Talk, “….the Titans think he’s capable of being the same kind of threat with his legs as a couple of other fast quarterbacks who were drafted two years ago, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton.” Read More…

Kansas City Chiefs Branden Albert is currently being shopped for draft picks.


The Kansas City Chiefs are currently shopping Branden Albert to teams that are willing to give up draft picks. The news isn’t shocking due to the fact that most mock draft boards have the Chiefs drafting offensive tackle Luke Joeckel. Although trading for Albert isn’t going to be cheap, because according to, Read More…

Elvis Dumervil will choose his new team in one day


Probably the funniest ways to become a free agent, Elvis Dumervil probably thinks otherwise. One of the top free agents as of today, Dumervil needs to decide if he wants to stay with the Broncos or go to another team. One team that’s been rumored to be in full force to grab Dumervil is the defensively depleted Baltimore Ravens. Read More…

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